Four-year undergraduate programs

You can complete a four-year undergraduate degree, beginning in your first year, in several program areas.

Admission requirements

To apply to these degree programs you need to be a current student or graduate of a recognized secondary school or comparable senior high school with a minimum B (73%) average in four academic grade 12 courses, including English 12 or English First Peoples 12 with a minimum grade of B- (70%).

Additional requirements include the following:

  • completion of the following approved courses:
    • English 11
    • Foundations of Mathematics 11 or Pre-Calculus 11
    • Science 11
    • Social Studies 11/12 from the BC high school curriculum or equivalent

Application process

You need to complete the following steps and send in all supporting documents, before we can assess your application:

1. Apply online

Begin your application:

  • Create an account using your email address.
  • List your high school diploma and any post-secondary courses or programs you have completed or are currently enrolled in.
  • Pay an application fee. If your application fee(s) are being paid by a third party, review sponsored student information.

You can check the status of your application any time.

2. Submit official high school transcripts

We accept electronic transcripts from BC high school and BC post-secondary institutions.

Otherwise, official transcripts need to be sent directly from the issuing institution or examination body in their original, sealed envelope.

Canadian secondary school students

  • If you're a BC secondary school student you can have your transcripts submitted directly through the BC Ministry of Education Student Transcripts Service.
  • If you're a Canadian secondary school student outside of BC, you need to provide in-progress transcripts showing all of the courses you completed in grade 11 and during the first term of grade 12. If possible, also provide a list of second term courses.

International secondary school students

  • If you're an international secondary school student, you need to provide in-progress transcripts showing all of the courses you completed in grade 11 and during the first term of grade 12. If possible, also provide a list of second term courses.
  • All international transcripts or credentials are subject to a credential evaluation fee or credential evaluation report.

All other applicants

  • All other applicants, including secondary school graduates and mature students, need to submit an official transcript showing final grades for all grade 11 and 12 courses.
  • If you have previously enrolled in post-secondary studies, you need to submit official transcripts for all credit courses or programs you have attended. This includes courses you are taking now or have taken in the past.

3. Write a personal statement

We want you to be actively involved in your learning at Royal Roads University.

Please review the program description page for your program of choice. Then, write a one- to two-page essay answering the following questions:

  • What influenced your decision to apply to Royal Roads University?
  • What is it about the program that interests you and makes you feel it is suitable for you?
  • Why is changemaking important to you?

Include any other information that you think might be of interest or relevance to your application.

4. Provide proof of English language proficiency

Submit an English language proficiency score report, if English is not your primary language.

5. Submit other documents

If you are declaring permanent resident or Convention refugee status in Canada, you must provide a copy of your permanent resident (PR) card with their application. You'll be required to show the original card when you arrive at Royal Roads.

Sending documents

Find out how and where to send supporting documents

Early conditional offers

If you've completed or are currently enrolled in the required courses for your preferred program and meet the minimum GPA requirement, we may extend an early conditional offer.

The early conditional offer will include conditions of admission that you'll need fulfil before starting your program.

We need to receive your final transcript and confirm that you've met the admission requirements by the date identified in your offer letter before you'll be able to begin your program.

Flexible admission

If you don't meet our regular admission requirements, you can ask to have your application reviewed under our flexible admission policy.

We consider your experience and where you are in life — not just your grades. We will notify you if additional supporting documents are required.