Lund University

About the university

Located in young, vibrant, cyclist-friendly cities steeped in history, Lund University is ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world. Its 40,000 students and 8,160 employees are based at campuses in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö. It is also one of the oldest universities in Sweden, founded in 1666. The city of Lund has a long history as a centre of learning. Today, it offers a charming mixture of cobblestone streets, relaxed ambience, and a lively intellectual communities. 

Lund University's exchange program

Lund University gives Royal Roads outgoing exchange students the chance to experience:

  • an education from Sweden's top-ranked university ranked 78th in the world, and one of Scandinavia’s largest, oldest and broadest universities
  • a different style of teaching and learning that facilitates independent thinking, research and group work - skills valuable for your future studies and employment
  • an international network - meet students from all over the world at Lund University and enhance your cultural perspectives
  • specialized courses from within your discipline which may not be offered at your home university
  • a study destination without the language barrier - English is widely spoken here (90% of Swedes are fluent)
  • a new language - students can study Swedish language courses or join informal language classes during their exchange period
  • the best student city in Sweden with the unique combination of 13 student nations (large social clubs), an academic society and student unions organizing events and activities year-round
  • travel around Europe - Lund is just 40 minutes by train to Copenhagen airport, a major European hub

Course information

Lund University offers more than 250 courses in English annually. The departments within the Faculty of Social Sciences offer undergraduate and graduate courses in English. See also the course guide for exchange studies for more information on courses within the Social Sciences Faculty. Courses can also be taken at faculties outside the Faculty of Social Sciences as complementary studies.

Swedish university credits equals 1.5 ECTS-credits, representing one week of full-time studies. A full-time course load is 30 credits per semester. Course modules generally vary in scope from 7.5 credits to 15 credits. The study rate lies between 25% and 100%. Examination may take various forms and can be based on active participation in seminars, oral presentations-individually and in groups-, written examinations in the form of papers and critical reflections on the course literature.


Exchange students coming on an agreement with the Faculty of Social Sciences, or one of the Faculty of Social Sciences’ departments, must take at least half of their credits (15 ECTS) at the Faculty of Social Sciences. While students may include external courses in their applications, they are neither prioritized nor guaranteed admission to courses outside the Faculty of Social Sciences.


LU Accommodation offers housing in many different areas with different room types.

Academic calendar

  • Fall semester: August - January
  • Spring semester: January - June

For exact dates, visit Lund's Academic Calendar.

Language of instruction

  • English
  • Swedish